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READER'S ENTRY: The Seven (Amazonia)

The Seven (Amazonia)
by Ageiss

At 12 and a half, Rosalina was among the oldest selected children, but she was also one of the smallest. She was a wisp of a girl, short and with hardly any flesh in her bones, and that’s why she found it ironic that she had been paired with the largest Mineral of them all.

The day of the procedure, she stared at the blood-red rock, wondering what it would do for her. She wasn’t as scared as Sylvia had been, because her friend had already gone through it, and loved the results. Rosalina wondered if she would be so lucky. Would she end up as pretty and with such cool powers?

Anticipating her aging, she was dressed in baggy sport clothes that would stretch with her body, though Rosalina knew she wouldn’t end too big as an adult either. After all, all her sisters and even her brothers were quite short.

She was so distracted holding the waistband of her pants that she suddenly realized with a start that the chamber was already closed and that the rock was being pulverized. She immediately felt the sensation Sylvia had described her, as the Mineral’s particles joined with her body.

“It’s over. You might step out of the chamber,” said the head scientist.

She did it, shivering a little, and noticed something was amiss.

“My… my feet feel wrong.”

She looked down and understood why. Her feet were both growing larger. The rest of her didn’t seem to be affected yet, but in a few seconds, she had what looked like completely adult feet.

“That was weird… oh!”

With a sudden jerk, just like a spring, her height shot up significantly. Her spine had grown longer, as had her arms and legs. Then the rest of her body, both flesh and bone, started to grow too, more proportionally.

In less than 10 minutes, Rosalina looked like a pretty teenager, around 17 or so. She had been right, and her height was below average, but her face had matured agreeably. Modest curves had also emerged, but by the time she had aged about an extra year, she was still very skinny, and she had a-cups on her chest.

Then it happened. Her whole body ripened in an instant, seemingly exploding with extra mass. She grew very tall very quickly, and her muscles swelled accordingly.


Rosalina’s once baggy top tattered on the back, and as she tried to straighten her ever growing shoulders, it completely fell out. The same thing happened to her jogging pants, which got extremely tight until the pressure from her thickening thighs and ballooning buttocks ripped it all over. Only her very stretchy panties remained on.

Her muscles throbbed as they grew steadily, and she felt as her biceps widened and her abdominals kept developing. Then her small breasts started to grow at an alarming rate, and she cupped them in her strong arms to preserve her modesty. They were becoming really big, but they seemed perfectly natural and even petite on her huge frame.

Then it stopped. She was covered in sweat and hyperventilating, but otherwise felt perfectly fine. She looked around. Everyone was stunned, and so was she, when she realized how much she had to look down to see them. She was towering over everybody –really towering.

She examined her impressive physique, noting how incredibly strong she felt.

“I must look awful,” she thought. “I probably look like a man or one of those musclebound women.”

But then she looked at the mirror. It wasn't as terrible as she had thought… by far. Indeed, she though she looked quite attractive. Her face a bit rough, but looked feminine, and so did her body. Her muscles were large, but she was so big, they looked proportional and subdued, especially with her womanly curves on top.

“I can work with this,” she said aloud. Her voice was also feminine, but of the deep and throaty sort. She wasn’t yelling or anything, but even her vocal chords had gotten so potent that her normal tone of voice was kind of deafening for those around her. She would need to learn to keep it down.

It was a few minutes before a couple of scientist approached her with an enormous brassiere.

“We had to have it made. We’re working on more clothes for you to wear”

She thanked them and put it on. She was tired of being so exposed in front of everyone.

“Just how big am I?” she asked.

It turned out she was 7’5’’. She couldn’t stop a booming giggle. She had just gone from being a tiny girl to one of the biggest people in the world. No wonder she felt so strange and excited.

“This feels awesome!” she exclaimed, and did a small leap.

That simple movement made the whole place shake.

“I guess I don’t know my own strength…”

It was decided she had to be very careful until her powers were tested. She was given a few hours of rest.

Her specially made clothes weren’t ready, but they gave her large jeans and a halter top that wouldn’t cover more than her chest. The jeans ripped a bit as she put them on, but that only made her happier.

“I knew I would grow bigger today, but this…” she said as she crouched a bit in front of her full mirror. For such a large body, she felt strangely in control.

Unlike Sylvia, she still needed to sleep, but she had enormous amounts of energy, and felt rested in no time.

For a while, most of her time was spent on trials and examinations. They had rightly assumed that her powers would reside in her strength, but they had underestimated their extent.

At first, they thought she could maybe bend a steel bar, but when that proved too easy, they pushed her a bit harder. After pushing through a few yards of concrete and lifting a bus with no problem, she finally stumbled a bit while holding a Boeing, they suspected that, with a little training, she could virtually have no limits.

Luckily, she had a great deal of control over her might. She could easily hold an egg without shattering it, and, more importantly, also a person.

Then there was her skin, which seemed impenetrable. She was stripped down and submitted to all kinds of abuse. At first they hit her with a hammer, but the thing escalated up to bullets and flamethrowers. She simply crouched there, not feeling at all bothered by the attacks.

She loved her abilities and thought they were befitting of the woman she wanted to be, but of course her height had some disadvantages. The clothes weren’t a problem since they had made her a good wardrobe, but she was even taller than some buildings and she always felt confined. Then there was her effect on others. Like her friend Lady Specter, she wasn’t good at putting people at ease.

Incidentally, she had been asked to choose a code name, and she had quickly arrived to the answer.

“Amazonia,” she loved how it sounded, and how powerful it made her feel. It was a perfectly fitting name. She was, after all, the powerhouse of The Seven.

She had also being against wearing a regular costume, but she favored clothes that showed off her robustness.

That meant she also showed off a lot of skin, but she had gone from shy to very confident. Becoming the strongest being in the planet could do that to you.

It was amazing what a turn her life had taken in just a few months.

She remembered how she had been bullied and called “shorty” by other kids at school, but now she simply smiled at that memory as she looked down at her mountain-like cleavage and her gigantic 24-years-old body. Luckily, revenge wasn’t on her mind. She realized how dangerous these powers could be in the wrong hands, and she was relieved the selection process had been so careful.

Speaking of selection, the next chosen kid was about to go through her own changes. Her name was Malin, and at 9, she was the youngest of The Seven.

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  1. I had figured that the big mineral would be strength-related. That or fire. Personally, I don't find muscular women that off-putting, but my experience here has taught me others do. You've found a good balance by finding a woman who's physically fit and doing some forced perspective to make her appear to be a giantess. Wonder which mineral will be next.

    1. The Minerals' order will be the same as in the picture of the rocks on the Prologue.


  2. The best so far. Basically,she's the Superman of this Earth's superhumans. The clean-up hitter in the lineup. I wish you'd made her boobs in the pics look as large as you made them sound in the text. But otherwise great job!

    1. Thanks. But her chest was supposed to be very big only in comparison to a regular sized woman. She's so large, her breasts are relatively small on her frame, that's what I wrote.