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READER'S ENTRY: The Seven (The Mass)

The Seven (The Mass)
by Ageiss

Besides being the only boy among The Seven, Erik was the oldest one at 13. Puberty had just barely started for him, and he had become a little taller in the last few months, though he was still generally on the scrawny side.

Something his new hormones had already done on the young boy was start a newfound interest on females. That’s why he had been so excited to know all her fellow team members were girls, especially when three of them had already transformed into such beautiful women. He couldn’t wait to become an adult man himself.

The Mineral that would do the trick was very unusual. It didn’t look as much as a rock as a continuously shifting pile of yellowish goo. It bubbled and gurgled, as if it were semi-solid lava, though it wasn’t hot at all.

Erik stripped down to his underwear, feeling a little self-conscious about his thin body. With luck, that would soon change, though. He stepped into the chamber, and the Mineral bubbled harder than ever when they radiated it. Then it exploded and was absorbed by his cells.

He stepped out feeling silly, as nothing was apparently happening to him. He simply stood there, being watched, for about ten minutes before he finally spoke.

“I don’t feel any older or… hey!”

He felt a prickle on his groin. Something was definitely happening there. He looked down at his underpants in time to see it tenting as his penis enlarged slowly, followed by the swelling of his testicles. It was extremely embarrassing to develop right there, especially with her parents among the onlookers, but he was also beside himself with excitement.

The maturation of his privates was accompanied by another engorgement on his throat, and he touched the neck to feel his new large Adam’s apple.

“Oh, yeah, this is awesome,” he said, and his voice sounded like a grown man’s. A large sort of man, as it was deep and husky, and he hoped that meant he was about to grow a lot.

Indeed, his height shoot up in just minutes, giving him a very tall but still lanky body. His aging had caught up in other aspects, as his face was becoming square and manly and he felt the tickle of small facial hairs bellow her cheeks.

Then he felt amazingly good as his muscles started to swell and his bones accommodated them. His shoulders and back got so broad in a boost, he suddenly became twice as wide as he had been, and then his chest swelled into two well-defined pectorals, followed by incredible ample thighs and arms.

His feet were thrice his former size, and he opened his palms as his hands cracked, growing to the length of large plates. He was becoming a mountain of a man, and even the sides of his neck were beefy. He felt as his chin got wider and square, and his new six-pack changed into an eight-pack.

It stopped and he felt wonderfully. This had exceeded his expectations. He didn’t feel bashful any more, and his huge fingers probed the tight underpants’ band. His eyes were greeted by his new hairy and large manhood. Girls wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Or women, rather.

He was really a teenage boy transformed into an alpha man, so it could be excused that his first reflections were along those lines. He was, after all, a really caring and kind young man, and he would prove to be a much more responsible superhuman than his first thoughts suggested.

His mother and father were amazed as they approached him, dwarfed by the tall 26-years-old man.

“Look at me, dad!” said Erik flexing his arms. “I bet I’m very strong too.”

He ran out of the lab towards the spherical steel sculpture outside the building. He put his hands around it and was about to lift it, but as soon as his fingers touched it, he felt something strange.

His whole body started to bubble for a few seconds as the Mineral used to do, then his skin changed into silver and reflective steel.

Erik thought it was very cool to be a metal man, but he wondered if he could ever change back. After a few minutes, he concentrated and his regular skin returned.

He was analyzed and it was discovered his alien body was composed from a mimetic material that could replicate other matter it touched.

Erik summoned his mimetic abilities as he grabbed a rock and soon he was a living statue. He also became ice, solid sand, and even pure gold.

As he predicted, he was superhumanly strong, though nowhere near Amazonia’s league. Changing into various materials, like concrete, would increase his strength and durability quite a bit, though.

He thought he was very powerful, and just a day after his change, he had already decided his codename would be “The Mass.” By then he had become quite good at changing his molecules, and had tried on many materials, some which made him feel very good.

This would make him very good at his new job, but in the meantime, he had also used his new form to have quite a lot of fun. He was now the best known man on Earth, and that didn’t hurt his chances with the ladies, despite the fact that they all knew he was actually 13.

In his first night out, he also had his first kiss… then other 42. Every good looking girl threw herself at him, and the only reason none of them was able to take him home was because it was impossible for him to pick one out.

At least until a few days later, when he was at a party held at the headquarters. Since he had met her, he had been infatuated with Agatha, no doubt the prettiest member of the Council. She was a young but bright agent from Finland’s intelligence service, and even in her military uniform and conservative bun, she was a looker.

But now that he saw her in her party dress, he realized that he was suddenly in her same age group and league. It was awkward at first, but from that night on, they became an official couple. They were perfect for each other, and they relationship was bound to be successful.

He remembered that night, when they made love for the first time. She looked amazing with her dark hair undone, and her body was even more perfect than he even imagined. He knew that he could have as many girls as he liked, but Agatha was the one he wanted.

Months later, they had been spending another steamy night together when it happened. He felt a familiar sensation as he kissed her, and his body gurgled and shifted. His hair got longer and breasts grew on his increasingly slender frame.

Agatha looked in amazement at her boyfriend, laying on her bed as a perfect duplicate of herself.

“Uh…” even his voice was exactly like hers.

He realized he had activated his mimetic powers as he touched her. He had never tried to replicate a human before.

He had a blast trying on his new form on his girl’s clothes and jewelry, and wondered if he could mimetize something on top of Agatha’s body. Indeed, he became a diamond-girl after touching his earrings.

“But can you change back?” asked Agatha, though she also seemed trilled at the possibilities.

He changed into his regular male self with a shrug. He had full control over his powers by now.

But he soon tried it again, and he started to spend a lot of time as Agatha’s twin. He loved her body so much, and he even went to a few missions in that guise.

Agatha was never overcome by excessive vanity, but she always admitted to herself she was a bit of a narcissist deep down, and now she had the opportunity to literally be with herself. They were indeed a perfect couple.

Erik’s new shapeshifting abilities were also great to go undercover. He could mimetize anyone’s body, and he had taken full advantage of that.

He had even replaced a well-known celebrity once when her life had been threatened, and he had loved that experience too. Soon, Agatha encouraged him to try on other girls’ bodies besides her own.

But still, Erik spent most of his days as the man he had grown to be, though he wasn’t always made of flesh and bone. He loved being made of stone, metal or wood, and he thought he had been very lucky to have been paired with the mimetic Mineral.

But what about the other three? They had also been used, and the first such girl had been Adeline, who would absorb a pink rock.

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  1. Ok, I was pretty far off. TG is an element here, but not the dominant element. But even so, this is a very useful power set. I'm glad the one boy in this group got the body he wanted and a very hot girlfriend as well. This time, I'm pretty sure sure I can guess what the next mineral will be, it's super-speed.