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READER'S ENTRY: Release of Stress (Part 2)

Release of Stress (Part 2)
by BLZBub

Evan was quickly able to make good use of the medallion. During his free time at home, he would shift into Lily and allow her to play with the toys he had bought for her. When he returned to his normal form, he could still feel relaxed from Lily’s playing. It was a rather unorthodox method of stress relief, but Evan hadn’t felt better in years.

Overtime, Evan began spending more of his free hours as Lily, though he was careful not to spend too long as her. He didn’t want his mind deteriorating. He still had several other things to manage and if he let this little girl start overwhelming him, it could go downhill very quickly.

The great changing point would come a couple of weeks later when Evan’s mom called him to tell Evan she’ll be going on vacation for a week and Robby was going to stay at Evan’s apartment. Evan was a little annoyed that their mother would plan herself a vacation and not consider taking Robby along. But Evan had gotten used to her empty-headed ways over the last few years.

Anyways, having Robby come over could make things more fun. Lily had started to become bored with just playing by herself. What she really needs is a playmate and Evan was certain he could trust Robby to keep a secret.

It took a bit of explaining to make Robby understand and a demonstration of the medallion’s power to make him believe, but he reacted pretty well. Sure, it was weird that his older brother could turn into a little girl, but being able to play with Lily was quite a lot of fun. The two kids were able to enjoy themselves with all sorts of games and activities.

The two of them had never been so close as siblings before. It’s not that Evan didn’t care for Robby, but the big age gap meant that he couldn’t enjoy all the things that Robby liked. But as Lily, she could join in any of his games. Of course, they had to stop every two hours for her to change back into Evan. Evan made it as clear as he could why it was important for him to not spend too much time as Lily. Robby didn’t quite grasp all of it, but he could at least understand why Evan wouldn’t want to be a girl too long.

After three days, Robby started getting curious about the medallion. He wondered if it could work for him like it did for Evan. Of course, he didn’t want it to do the exact same thing as it did with Evan. There was no way Robby would want to turn into a girl or, even worse, a baby girl. But he did wonder if the medallion could change him into a grown-up. Robby had asked Evan if he could use the medallion, but Evan said that it should only be for him. Of course, like most kids, Robby found the medallion all the more alluring because of that.

Lily didn’t really care for wearing the medallion, so she usually left it out somewhere while they played. Robby waited until Lily needed to use the bathroom. Fortunately for him, she had forgotten to take the medallion and change with it. Now was his chance.

Robby picked up the medallion and looked it over. There was a very shiny crystal in it and Robby wondered if the magic was supposed to be in there. He looked at the wide side of it for a while, trying to think of what the magic words could possibly be. It was still a pretty crystal though.

Just then, the crystal started glowing even more before it released a big flash. Robby staggered back and almost dropped the medallion. He suddenly felt really dizzy and very weird. It took him a while before he noticed that he had started growing. It took him a little bit longer to notice that he was also changing quite a bit, the biggest clue was when it felt like something had just turned inside out or rather outside in. He looked at himself and saw that his clothes were changing rapidly, forming into something very different than what he was wearing a while ago. The term ‘he’ had become inaccurate when a bra materialized and HER breasts started filling it out.

As quickly as it had started, it was finished. Robby was still feeling very dizzy and more than a little confused. She staggered over to a mirror and looked at herself. She was now a grown woman and a rather attractive one at that. And she wasn’t just different on the outside. She could tell that her personality has been altered, made to fit her new form. She also had a bit of new knowledge such as how to cook and drive.

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Lily came out. She stopped when she saw Robby and asked, “Who are you?”

“Lily, we might have a little problem,” said Robby. Lily gasped and ran over to where the medallion was and started to panic when it was where she left it. “It’s right here,” said Robby, holding out the medallion with some chagrin.

Lily grabbed the amulet and tried to get it to work. When the crystal didn’t respond to her, she gave it back to Robby and said, “You use it. Look at the narrow side until it works.” Robby started long at the blue crack between the gold, but the crystal did not light up. She turned it over and tried it from the other side, but that didn’t work either. “You broke it!” snapped Lily, “I told you not to play with that thing and now we’re stuck like this!” She turned and ran to Evan’s room.

“Lily, wait!” called Robby before the door slammed. Robby winced and felt worse now. She really had screwed up big time. It was bad enough that she was now a grown woman, but now Evan was stuck as a little girl. How were they going to explain this to Mom? How were they gonna explain this to anyone?

She sighed before trying to calm down and think of something. It turned out to not be as hard as she thought. She had matured quite a lot in personality and she had the common knowledge of most women now. And what that knowledge was telling her was that she should wait a while for Lily to calm down before speaking with her.

After a while, Robby knocked on the door before entered Evan’s room. Lily was pouting in a corner, looking pretty miserable. “Lily, we’re not going to be stuck like this. If you can tell me where that store you got the medallion from is, we can go there and ask them to fix it,” said Robby.

“Really? But how will we get there? I can’t remember how to drive and you don’t know how to,” said Lily.

“Actually, I do know. I know lots of things that grown-ups know now, such as how to make dinner for us,” said Robby, “If the store has regular hours like the other stores, it would be closed by now. So we’ll spend the night like this and in the morning, we can go to the store.”

“Well…ok,” said Lily, not looking forward to sleeping as a girl.

“Good, just give me a few minutes and I’ll have dinner ready,” said Robby before walking out. She walked by the bathroom and got a bit curious. She walked in and looked at herself more thoroughly, taking her shirt off to see her new body. She was definitely a very attractive woman, ‘sexy’ being a good term now that she knew what that word meant. Her breasts were of an admirable size and her bra made them look quite appealing. She had the trim figure of a woman who watched what she ate.

Robby sighed before putting her shirt back on. She was aware that she was increasingly become more of a woman in her head and hoped that Lily won’t be too overwhelmed. But Robby had responsibilities now and she had to watch out for her little sister until they could get it fixed. Maybe it would be less of a hassle if she didn’t call herself Robby. Robyn was quite acceptable and it definitely suited her. But names didn’t matter right now, she had dinner to make.


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