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READER'S ENTRY: Eliminating the Competition (Part 1)

Eliminating the Competition (Part 1)
by BLZBub

It is a well-known fact that girls can be very competitive with each other. They may not resort to the violence that boys sometimes used, but some girls would do anything to undermine any competition that stands of the way of their prize. But there are a few girls would do unusual things to claim prizes that most would not consider worth a fierce rivalry.

The New Hampshire Institute for Prodigal Minds was one of the top schools in the countries for young geniuses. The place was less like an elementary school and more like a college, with access available to state-of-the-art labs where the children could work on more advanced courses of science than would normally be available for students of their age. In fact, graduating the advanced courses would grant a diploma that was roughly equivalent to a doctorate from any other college.

But of course, there were several students who wanted to be able to attend actual colleges, but that required a considerable amount of money. However, the school was known to grand scholarships to particularly students that could pay their way through college. For the girls at NHI, the Marie Curie scholarship was the most coveted, only awarded to the most brilliant in their class. Girls who aspired to win that scholarship pushed themselves to produce something worth it. Or push others out of the way.

Cindy Crawford was certainly one of the smartest girls in her class. She was also one of the most arrogant and vainglorious. She was determined to prove she was the best out of all her classmates and the only one worthy of receiving the Marie Curie scholarship. Cindy felt that her genius alone ought to be enough to secure the scholarship, but some classmates have made themselves appear intelligent enough to be considerable for winning. That was simply something that Cindy would not stand for. But why should she exert so much energy into proving she was smarter than the other girls when she could simply make them dumber?

Cindy’s main focus had initially been computer science, namely virtual reality synthesizing. But then she found something interesting in the computer banks of her Aunt Elizabeth. Apparently she had invented a machine called a quantum distributer that was capable of altering the material of reality in nearly any possible way. The machine’s range was somewhat limited, only able to alter subjects within its vicinity and only affecting the rest of reality to match that subject’s changes. But Cindy had more localized plans for this technology.

It took Cindy quite some time, but she was eventually able to duplicate the quantum distributor into a more portable and versatile form. To the common layman, it resembled a toy ray gun. But the beams it shot out was capable of completely rewriting a person into any way the user had chosen, provided they programmed in the instructions.

Cindy could have used her quantum distributor gun to remove her rivals from the playing field in any number of ways. She could turn them into boys so they’d be ineligible for the Marie Curie scholarship. She could make them far too young to be in this school. She could probably even turn them into plants or animals. However, while Cindy was lax on some morals, she did have a few scruples and didn’t want too horrible a fate on the girls who could oppose her.

In fact, she could give them better fates, new lives that they’d be too pleased with to complain about being transformed or wanting to go back to the way they were. The easiest way to accomplish that was to make them more attractive and reducing their intelligence. In fact, she could remove from the school in another way; by making them too old. Older, prettier, dumber, put them together and what have you got? A bimbo, Cindy chuckled at the irony.

Cindy’s first target was the greatest threat to her claiming the scholarship. Jia Li was quite brilliant and many people thought she was sure to win the scholarship. Cindy had different ideas about that. It was easy for her to zap Jia Li when she wasn’t looking. She was so buried in a book she was reading she probably didn’t even notice. But she didn’t change instantly. While reality might alter for her new form, the gun’s presence will make the changes more noticeable to others and Cindy had no wish to be caught. Instead, she added a timer to the program she had ‘uploaded’ into Jia Li. Cindy noticed that there was a bit of feedback when she used the gun, but she didn’t have time to worry about it right now. She had another rival to deal with first.

Jia Li was starting to feel weird when she got back home. Her parents were late coming home because of a business meeting. She went to her room to do some homework, but she just couldn’t focus on reading. Jia Li started to feel really warm so she stripped down to her underwear. She hadn’t noticed her body had started changing until she removed her shirt and found a piece of clothing she had never seen before. She looked in wonder at the bra before it started to fill up. Her body continued to stretch upwards, curves filling up her underwear which grew with her. She moaned with an increasingly maturing voice, her mind blanking from the blissful pleasure.

When the transformation finally stopped, Jia Li felt very different. Or was it Jilly now? She looked down at her hot curvy body. Jilly was definitely a better name for her now. She felt up her curves with a giggle before looking towards her mirror. She was definitely a sexy young woman now. The only thing that resembled her old self were her glasses and even they had changed. She took them off to see if she looked sexier without them, but her vision was stilly blurry. Oh well, she looked cute with them on anyways.

Looking around her room, Jilly could see that a lot has changed. This was no longer the room of a little girl who took her studies seriously. Instead of textbooks and classic novels, she was had dozens of fashion and gossips magazines. Instead of a few paintings of Chinese art, she had posters of boy bands. She used to have many gadgets for various purposes, but now the only hi-tech device in her room was her cellphone.

Jilly quickly picked up her phone and found a lot of history of texts with friends, mostly about frivolous things about who was wearing what or dating who. One note on there told her she was meeting with a friend this evening so she better get ready soon. As she was looking through her expanded wardrobe for something cute to wear, a small part in the back of Jilly’s mind was wondering how this happened and why she seemed less bright now. But the rest of her mind couldn’t care less about that. Studying was so boring and she was going to have fun.


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  1. "Cindy Crawford".

    I await the sequels featuring Kate Moss and Tyra Banks...

    1. I have no idea who those two are. I just came up with Cindy's name at random.

  2. This was really interesting, even though I don't generally dig the lost of intelligence in stories. But there's much to appreciate in this entry, and I can't wait for further parts!