Tuesday, September 22, 2015

READER'S ENTRY: Eliminating the Competition (Epilogue)

Eliminating the Competition (Epilogue)
by BLZBub

Jillian wanted most of her intelligence back, but not quite the same way as before. Studying old literature and analyzing it sounded really boring, though she didn’t want to be an airhead. So she reset her ‘smart points’ in a different direction. She technically was a genius again, but now she was a creative genius. Why should she waste her life looking over old books when she could be bringing new books into the world? Jillian might not be considered super-smart from a scholar’s point of view, but she was very imaginative now and her skill with rhetoric was very impressive. She kept a bit of her normal scholarly intelligence so it would be easier for her to find source material to write with.

Appearance wise, Jillian had toned herself down about halfway or so. She was definitely very beautiful, but not in an exaggerated way. Her curves were still respectable but now a bit closer to the Asian norm. Jillian could have improved her eyesight so she wouldn’t need glasses, but she thought that she ought to keep them so she still appeared smart. Besides, she looked very cute with them.

Rebecca wanted slightly more than half of her intelligence. Working with math wasn’t so bad, but she wanted to do something more practical than just write formulas and theories all day. She wanted to turn her math skills to something that can make decent money. The solution to that? To become a bank teller of course. It was fairly easy for her to keep track of all the deposits, withdraws, interests, and mortgages that went on in the bank. She might be starting out at the bottom right now, but Rebecca was certain her skills would soon get her promoted higher.

Rebecca toned her beauty down a little bit, mostly to not make her look trashy. She thought she looked better with her hair darker and straighter and with less makeup on her face. True, her clothes at work might be more conservative, but always had her casual clothes to make her look sexy.

Kate’s ambition had increased with her adulthood, but she still had humble goals. Having a large IQ would box her into a cold lab where she would have little time to be outside where she liked to be. So Kate set aside three fifths of her old intelligence, but that was still enough to be plenty smart. She was going to apply this brainpower to zoology, though she hadn’t picked a particular group of animals to study, but she was considering primatology. But she was not in a huge rush, she’d like to be able to enjoy nature.

Kate was considerably modest with her appearance, toning down her beauty quite a bit. She’d rather be known for her devotion to nature over her brilliance or her beauty. But she was certain she was at least pretty enough to catch the eye of someone who was working in her field.

Of all the girls, Izzy had altered herself the least. Going back to studying history sounded so boring she couldn’t even think of a way to turn it into something exciting. And now that she’s been turned extroverted, she wanted to do something that involved meeting lots of people. And one look at her new body told what she could be. She had all the physical qualities of a supermodel and she wasn’t going to pass it up. She didn’t bother with altering her appearance. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s not to say that she didn’t take any IQ points back, but not as much as the other girls. She loved being drop-dead sexy, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be vapid. She took back enough brainpower to make her on the upper part of average. She wasn’t planning on being a genius, but she wasn’t going to be easily fooled. The men (and women) she’d be dealing with might be more interested in her body, but she won’t be stupid enough to let herself be used.

Izzy had a companion in her new career. Candy was working at the same modeling company as Izzy and the two girls hit it off right away. It was a bit weird for Izzy to see the girl who was so smug and arrogant be an incredibly sweet woman. But Candy didn’t have a bit of meanness in her. Of course, she was also a bit na├»ve and easier prey for others. But Izzy took Candy under her wing and protected her from the less-scrupulous people.

Susanne had mentioned that she’d eventually reduce some of Candy’s bimbo nature, but Izzy was in no rush about it. True, it would be easier if Candy was brighter, but there was nothing wrong with her body. And though Izzy wasn’t sure if this was a result of the bimbo program or not, Candy was as open-minded about her sexuality as Izzy was. Whether Candy got any smarter or not, Izzy knew this was going to be a beautiful relationship.


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